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Best Goth Beard Styles

Growing a beard is increasingly gaining popularity since it helps improve your aesthetic appearance. Beard grooming is not only about wearing a thicker and fuller beard since there are different beard styles that can make it more appealing. For instance, the Goth style can greatly improve your appearance if you choose the right one. As such, this article outlines different elements that you can consider to choose the best Gothic beard styles. 

How to choose the best Gothic Beard Style

There are several Gothic styles and the main thing that you should consider if you want to choose the best style is the shape of your face. For example, if you have a round, diamond shape, or slim face then the gothic style can be your perfect match. You should also consider your skin color, age, as well as profession to determine the right style of beard that you can wear. 

Types of Gothic Beard Styles

There are different types of facial hairstyles and the following are gothic beard styles that you can consider. These beard styles are mainly used by different individuals to express themselves through a fashion that is easily recognized. 

Tribal Gothic Style

This style is not stringently manicured and it consists of just a soul patch or a goatee. However, it has a visually striking effect and the other thing about this style is that it is easy to maintain. You should keep the rest of the face clear of hair. 

Vampire Gothic Style

The style consists of a pencil mustache that often goes along with a tiny soul patch. The style also consists of a very thin chin strap that connects ear-to-ear via the jawline. The beard style requires careful precision when shaping the chin strap and it also requires careful maintenance.   

Emo Gothic Style

This style consists of a large and knotted goatee that helps to express a feeling of anguish as well as tortured souls. The style can also include a chin triangle that connects to a soul patch through a chunky vertical strip of facial hair. 

Steps to Groom a Gothic Beard Style

Growing a Gothic beard style is not very different from the steps you take in your normal grooming routine of your facial hair. You can follow the simple steps below to grow your gothic beard style.  

  1. Give your beard time to grow say for about four weeks
  2. Choose the ideal style that suits your face
  3. Before shaving or trimming your beard to your desired style, moisten it with warm water then dry it with a towel. This makes it easy to style. 
  4. Use the best tool particularly a razor to style your beard
  1. Remove all hair from the neck and cheeks. However, you should be watchful not to remove too much hair from the area that you want to style.
  2. On top of that, you should use quality beard and skincare products. For instance, shaving creams provide easy shave when you are styling your gothic beard, and beard oil and balm help improve appearance. Aftershave lotions help give your skin a good feel to prevent irritation. 

As you have observed, Gothic beard styles say a lot about a person’s personality and culture though they improve your overall appearance. In the first place, it is essential to choose the right style that suits your face. Gothic styles are easy to grow and there are different styles that you can consider depending on your personal preference. Above all, you should not forget your beard care routine to maintain your style in good shape. 

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