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10 Stylish Flat Front Pants For Your Wardrobe

Flat front pants are a type of pants where the front of the pants lies completely flat as opposed to pleated pants where there are folds or pleats.

Flat fronts are great for men with slimmer frames. They are meant to be worn on the hips and offer a smooth and straight shape when worn.

And forget about cuffs. Flat fronts are just perfect cuff free. However, if the fabric is a bit heavier than normal, you can wear cuffs to balance the weight. For example, when you wear tweed or wool in winter cuffs can help the pants drape better.

Men’s Flat Front Chino Pants

These are very nice pants. They are great if you’re going for a casual look. They are soft, comfortable, and are wrinkle resistant.

Slim Fit Flat Front Dress Pants

For a sharper look that’s perfect for the workplace, these flat front pants offer comfort and a close (not tight) fit. They’re 97% cotton, 3% Lycra spandex so they remain soft and comfy while being a bit flexible.

Travel Tech Slim Fit Flat Front Pants

These are classic casual slacks that feature 37.5 Travel Tech fabric that works with your body’s temperature and the climate for comfort and temperature regulation.

Stretch Weekday Warrior Dress Pants

These are made of 97% cotton and provide a comfortable and snug fit. The day of the week is stitched inside the waistband and there are several different colors for each day of the week.

Classic-Fit Wrinkle-Free Flat-Front Pants

If your style choice varies from time to time, having a pair of pants that can be used for different occasions will be beneficial. Here’s a pair of classic fit flat front pants that look great in the office or on the road.

Wool Flat-Front Dress Pants

If cotton isn’t your favorite fabric then these wool flat front dress pants are just what you need. They provide a comfortable fit through the naturally stretching fabric.

Stretch Washed Flat Front Chinos

For more casual settings, this as close to a pair of jeans as you’ll get but with a bit of legroom for extra comfort.

Dickies Men’s Flat Front Work Pants

These are mid-rise work trousers with a straight-leg cut. They are stain and wrinkle resistant and are suited for heavy-duty work.

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