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What Are Friction Earring Backs?

Friction earring backs are the simple clutch and post style type of earring back. Usually, a metal post passes through the ear piercing, and a flexible ear bolt slides over the post securing the earring in place.

They can be used with a variety of earring types but are most common with stud earrings and button earrings. They are cheap to make and most times are flimsy lightweight posts.

How to Use Friction Earring Backs?

These kinds of earring backs are also known as butterfly backs or pushbacks. To use friction earring backs, you insert the earring post into the small hole in the center of the earring back and snap it into place. That’s it.

They are one of the easiest earring backs to attach but they are also one of the easiest to lose and are not as secure as the la pousette earing back. See this video for a visual on how to attach these backs.


Simplicity. These earring backs are convenient to use. All you need to do is simply push the earring back onto the earring post until it snugly touches your earlobe.

They are cost-efficient as they are made of metal and are readily mass-produced. Replacing friction earring backs is easier and you can order them in bulk online.


Wear and tear. After repeated use, friction earring backs usually become loose and can slip off causing you to lose both your earring and the back.

Things to Note

Always use two hands when putting on your earring using this kind of back. Hold both the earring and the friction back tightly to ensure that it is fully secure as you slide it up the post.

When putting on clothing, be sure to be extra careful as the clothing can pull your earrings off as it passes over your ears. Once the earring is secured do not play with or fiddle with the earring as this can cause the backing to become loose and slip off.

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