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Top Goth Clothing Brands You Should Know

While we’ve discussed the best online goth stores we haven’t talked about the goth clothing brands that you should check out if you want the best quality for your money.

Goth Clothing Brands - men & women

Just like everything else in the fashion industry quality goth fashion depends on the brand that designed the piece of clothing. Here are the top brands:

Bat Attack

The Bat Attack brand markets a variety of all black clothing. However, they do offer a selection of punk clothing that includes the color red. But, for the most part, Bat Attack uses a single color for the trousers, kilts, tops, etc. that they sell.


Spiral started out as a record company that focused on producing Gothic/New Age music. Later in, Spiral started selling their own brand of gothic jewelry and incense. Their jewelry is based on Celtic designs.

Spiral Direct

Spiral Direct is another alternative clothing company that solidified itself as one of the main suppliers of Gothic fashion in the United Kingdom. They’ve since expanded their operation to the United States.

They offer a dark range of both men and female clothing. The women clothing tends to be a slightly softer hippie and pagan design.

Alchemy Gothic

Alchemy Gothic is popular in England and is known for making quality goth clothing, gothic jewelry, and ornaments.

The company was started by two boys from Manchester; self-taught artists, Geoff Kayson and Trev Phillipson. Geoff started making punk anti-jewelry and selling it to local shops, at gigs, and by mail order through ‘Sounds’ music paper in 1977.

Good Goth

Good Goth specializes in selling cruelty-free clothing and cosmetics. Most of what they have to offer is geared toward women. And, they even have a dedicated store section for plus sizes.

Doc Marten

This is one of the oldest established brands in the United Kingdom. It started out as a popular, functional boot for working men, Dr. Martens (or Docs). Soon later, it grew to be the main brand shoewear for punks and grunge fans. Goths showed a liking for them too.

Lip Service

Lip Service is a punk and rock-based brand with some slight Gothic Lolita influenced clothing. They make clothing for both men and women. From punk, industrial, steampunk to Tribal Bellydance-style. They have a little bit of everything.

Queen of Darkness

This brand focuses on Gothic clothing for women and men with a section for Gothic plus sizes and Gothic accessories. Queen of Darkness provides neat and understated yet impactful and striking clothing and jewelry. You can check these women’s gothic clothing sites for more to get your hands on some more choices.

Kreepsville 666

A relatively new brand to the Gothic fashion scene that started in 2006. Kreepsville 666 is now an internationally recognized brand that sells original and cleverly amusing designs with a strong Deathrock influence.


Aderlass is a go-to choice for the goth club scene in Germany. Their fashion includes chains, hooks, straps, and cold steel.

Also, read about the different types of goth styles and see if you can find any of the styles made by the brads above. If you’re into the Victorian style then you can have a look at our article on Victorian Gothic clothing and where to get them.