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5 Stylish Goth Hairstyles

If you’re thinking of becoming any of the different types of goth, you need a goth hairstyle to go with your new look. Here are the top goth hairstyles for you to try:

Messy Bob

This is a wavy and curly gothic hairstyle. With just a curling iron, you can create the perfect messy bob. Create the waves or curls with the curling iron and then use your fingers to break them up. Perfect chaos for those wanting a short goth hairstyle. However, you can wear it long as well. Great for both men and women.

Messy Bob - A common goth hairstyle.

Expressive Goth Hairstyles

Goths can express themselves subtly or they can be loud. No matter the case, an expressive goth style all depends on your taste and how comfortable you are with different cuts. For example,

And don’t forget to style your beard guys.

Pastel Goth Hairstyle

Pastel goths like to incorporate a bit of color into the traditional goth lifestyle. For these goths, it’s all about COLORS! Think different shades of pinks, blues, purples, and greens.

Steampunk Hairdos

If you’re thinking about taking the steampunk route, there are a couple of ways you can style your hair:

Or, you can opt for the dreadlock look:

Cybergoth Hairstyles


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