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What Are La Pousette Earring Backs?

La pousette earring backs are a type of earring back that you use to secure different types of earrings. The la pousette back has two tabs located on both sides which are used to tighten the connectors inside of the earring back.

How to Use La Pousette Earring Backs?

To use la pousette earring backs, all you have to do is squeeze the tabs on both sides and slide the earring back over the post of your earring. Release the tabs to secure the earring back onto the earring. See this video for a visual demonstration.

They are considered one of the best earring backs because, not only are they secure, they are extra secure. They also have a safety notch at the end that is used to catch the La Pousette earring backs if they slide down the post.


They offer both comfort and security. So, you can wear your favorite earrings without fear of losing them or having to screw the clutch on and off.

You’d like the la pousette earring back beacuse the post is smooth, making it comfortable and easy to wear with sensitive ears. They are easier to secure when compared to screw backs. Once you lock this earring back in place, you can rest assured that you can wear your more valuable earrings with confidence.


The only cons associated with the use of these earring backs is that they are a tad bit more expensive than other earring backs. That, and they might be troublesome for persons with arthritis or other joint issues as those people may not be able to squeeze the small tabs to position the earring back onto the earring post.


If you are prone to losing your earrings then these are the best earring backs to help fasten your earrings in place. However, keep in mind that, la pousette earring backs are only one of the many kinds of earrings backs and they may not work with every earring design.

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