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Most Expensive Men’s Shoes in the World

These are the most expensive men’s shoes in the world:

Tom Ford Custom by Jason Arasheben – $2 Million

Diamond-studded Tom Ford shoes | Price: $2,000,000 - The most expensive shoes for men in the world,
Price: $2,000,000

These custom made Tom Fords are the most expensive shoes a man could own (as of writing). Yes, those are thousands of real diamonds embedded in the shoe. There are 14, 000 white diamonds set on white gold, for a total of 340 carats. Famously worn by Nick Cannon on the 2014 season finale of NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

Air Jordan Silver Shoes – $60,000

Air Jordan Silver Shoes – $60,000
Price: $60,000

These 1–pound shoes sold for a whopping $60,000 on eBay.

Air Force 1 by Nike – $50,000

Big Boi’s $50,000 Diamond Nike AF1 Sneakers.
Price: $50,000

The diamond-studded Air Force 1 by Nike is one of the most expensive men’s shoes. Though not fully decked out in diamonds like the above mentioned Tom Ford.

Testoni Men’s Dress Shoes – $38,000

Testoni Men’s Dress Shoes - $38 Thousand
Price: $38,000

The most costly Testoni men’s shoes are made of exotic alligator skin, with linen twine, and glove-soft goatskin lining finally finished in gold with a diamond buckle.

Nike Air Zoom – Kobe 1 – $30,000

Famous shoes worn and designed for Kobe Bryant.
Price: $30,000

These sneakers were made famous by the late Kobe Bryant.

Nike Air Mag 2016 Shoes – $26,000

Nike Air Mag 2016 Shoes – $26 Thousand
Price: $26,000

Inspired by Marty McFly’s self-lacing sneakers from Back to the Future Part II.

Louis Vuitton Manhattan Richelieu Men’s Wingtip Shoes – $10,000

Louis Vuitton Manhattan Richelieu Men’s Shoes – $10,000
Price: $10,000

The Louis Vuitton, Manhattan Richelieu Men’s Shoes is made from waxed alligator leather. The leather covers the entire shoe.

Nike Gold High Dunks – $5,400

Nike Gold High Dunks – $5,400
Price: $5400

Aubercy Diamond-Studded Shoes – $4,500

Aubercy Diamond-Studded Shoes – $4,500
Price: $4500

Santoni Men’s Ribona Limited Lace-Up Dress Shoes – $2,500

Santoni Men's Ribona Limited Lace-Up Dress Shoes – $2,500
Price: $2500

Gaspard Scritto Smooth-Leather Trainers – $1,340

Berluti’s grey trainers are impeccably crafted with a distinctive house code: the Gaspard signature, a nod to the label’s exacting focus on detail. They are made of genuine smooth leather.

Nike Adapt Auto Max – $400

A futuristic spin on OG Nike running and Tinker Hatfield’s most iconic designs, the Nike Adapt Auto Max features Nike FitAdapt technology for a modern look and revolutionary feel.


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