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10 Pleated Pants Styles To Wear

Pleated pants are a type of pants that have creases or folds on the front of both sides of the pants. They are the exact opposite of flat front pants where the material is completely flat.

The inimitable Sean Connery as James Bond in Goldfinger, 1964. Connery went to tailor Anthony Sinclair for his drape cut suits, and no doubt his traditional pleated trousers. Here, he wears a style known as English pleats, in sharkskin grey flannel.
Sean Connery as James Bond in Goldfinger, 1964. He wears traditional pleated trousers. A style known as English pleats, in sharkskin grey flannel.

Normally, you wear pleated pants on the waist just above the hip bone where you secure it with a belt. Pleats are great for men with larger bodies as they allow for more freedom of movement and comfort due to the extra fabric below the waist.

There are two types of pleated pants: forward (pointing towards the zipper, characteristic of English tailoring) and reverse (folded towards the pockets, Italian style). Forward pleats tend to be neater while reverse pleats create a more relaxed shape.

They are usually single pleated or double pleated:

single pleat vs double peat

There’s also the issue of cuffing. Pleated pants should always have cuffs because it helps keep the pleats in place as well as keep the fabric flowing naturally. Notice the cuffs near the ankles in the image above and below.

Double-Reverse Pleated Dress Pants

A great modern pleated dress pant that’s a great choice for the everyday professional. The engineered stretch waistband extends up to 2 inches for comfort.

Classic Pleated Suit Pants

The classic fit sits at the waist and the wool-blend fabric of this pleated pants can be worn all-year-round. It’s breathable so you’ll stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Casual Pleated Pants

Ditch the jeans and go for semi-formal pleated pants. It’s comfortable, loose-fitting, and has two side pockets.

Semi-formal Double Pleated Trousers

This is a very subtle pair of pants that connect just the right amount of casual and formal.

Double Pleat Wool Trouser

These are very nice mid-rise pleated trousers. The zip fly features a neat hook-and-eye top closure. They are double pleated on the front with pockets in the back and front.

Pleated Front Slacks

These slacks come in a variety of colors and offer a relaxed yet professional looking fit.

Pleated pants are still in style. They add a bit of elegance to your look without going overboard. Not only that but they are also very comfortable.

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