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What Are Screw Back Earrings?

Screw backs are a type of earring back where earring post is threaded and twisted onto the clasp. They are much more secure than friction backs and almost as good as la pousette earring backs.

While you screw backs work with different types of earrings they work best with studs. They are secure, easy to attach, and can last a long time.

How to Use Screw Back Earrings?

To attach an earring to a screw back, you simply have to rotate the back onto the post until it is fully screwed onto the earring. To remove the back, simply unscrew the back from the earring post. You can not pull these earring backs off the post like friction backs.


These earring backs are very secure once you ensure that they are properly screwed on. Screw back earrings do not wear down easily due to the thicker metal of the post. When well-maintained screw backs can last for years.


Screw back earrings can cause irritation to sensitive skin because of the corrugated surface of the threaded posts. Also, it takes some time and manual skill to screw on the posts until they are tightened. Screw backs also cost more than pushback earring backs.

Things to Note

Screw backs may require more cleaning because there are many grooves on both the post and the earring back. They may also need steady hands and concentration to take off.

You can get some screw back earrings as partial screw backs, with these backs only the top quarter of the post is threaded and the earring post is also usually thinner. This makes for a more comfortable option.

Screw backs are an excellent choice for an earring back. If you are an active individual who likes to wear valuable earrings then this is a good option.  They provide safety knowing that your earrings are properly secured during your sessions.

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