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Types Of Buttons Used For Clothing Explained

So, we’re going to talk about the different types of buttons, the names of buttons, and that’s not weird at all! Because buttons are everywhere! On your pants, on sweaters, skirts, jeans (wait, these are pants too), and so many more pieces of your clothes have buttons!

Flat Buttons

Flat buttons are the most popular types of buttons that you’ll see on clothing. They can have two holes or four holes. The holes are almost always centered and evenly spaced. And, they’re flat! Hence the name. Button up shirts are a typical piece of attire that would use flat buttons.

Lapel Buttons

Lapel buttons are made of metal and have an emblem or logo engraved on the top side of the button.

To get a good visual in your mind, think of a politician running for office. They almost always have some sort of lapel button attached to their clothing. They even hand them out.

Custom Lapel Buttons

Shank Buttons

Another kind of button is the shank (no prison jokes please). Shank buttons do not have holes in the center. Instead, they have a loop or hole to the back that you pull thread threw to sew it on your garment.

Clear Plastic Shank Buttons

Snap Buttons

Also known as poppers, snap buttons are just that. Buttons that snap into place. There’s usually a popping sound when this happens.

However, some versions require you to sew them together instead of connecting both parts by clipping them together.

To get an idea of where you’d see these types of buttons, just look at a baby’s bib. The ones that clip together. That’s an example of snap/popper buttons.

Stud Buttons

Stud buttons are common with jeans. They’re also a popular choice for other garments made of denim.

Stud buttons aren’t sewn together like other kinds of buttons. You have to clip them together after you put them into the button hole.

There’s a tool for pressing the buttons together that is usually in the form of a pair of pliers.

Toggle Button

Toggle buttons are long and round and you usually place them inside a buttonhole or use them with loop fastening.

They normally have two holes and, despite their length, you attach them to clothes the same way that you would a flat button.

Button Materials

Of course, as far as materials that buttons are made of go, you can have:

  • Cloth Buttons
  • Glass Buttons
  • Leather Buttons
  • Metal Buttons
  • Pearl Buttons
  • Polyester Buttons
  • Wood Buttons

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