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Types of Combs

A comb is essential for styling your hair. Here are the different types of combs:

All-Purpose Comb

All-purpose combs are usually plastic hair combs for everyday use. These combs have fine teeth for precision grooming. All-purpose combs are great for thin to medium hair. They are durable and small enough to fit in a pocketbook.

Barber Comb

Barber combs look like an all-purpose comb, but these types of combs are broader on one end and thinner on the other. You most likely will have seen these combs in the barbershop or at the hairdresser at one point.

Double-Sided Comb

Double-sided combs (two-sided combs) have two sides… one side has spacious teeth to detangle hair. The other side has thinner teeth used for styling the hair after detangling. Although, once upon a time, the fine side was used to get rid of lice.

Fine-Tooth Comb

The teeth of a fine-tooth comb are closer together than the teeth on other comb types. Usually, fine-tooth combs add the finishing touches to a hairstyle by making sure that everything is neat and in line.

Pick Comb

The pick comb is also known as the afro comb. It is a rake-like comb that lifts the hair or separates frizzy or thick hair. Pick combs are either metal or plastic. Pick combs are also used as styling tools to add “waves” to the hair.

Pin Tail Comb

Pintail combs have very long, thin and fine handles (usually made of metal). The tail end is used as a styling tool to separate or ‘part’ hair making it easier to manage and style. You can also use them to make attaching hair clips or other hair accessories.

Rat Tail Comb

Rattail combs are similar to pintail combs, but they have shorter and thicker handles. But, the use case is the same. You can use a rat tail comb to part hair and style it as needed. For example, when applying a perm.

Rake Comb

The teeth of a rake comb are set wide apart, and they are thick. Rake combs can help detangle and straighten hair that would otherwise be too hard to manage with fine-tooth combs.

Teasing Comb

These types of combs are best used on thin hair. The length of the teeth on the teasing comb varies so when used on fine hair, it can add a bit of volume. Works best when used with a teasing brush.

Wide Tooth Comb

The teeth of a wide-tooth comb are spacious so it’s perfect for detangling hair. It’s also the best choice for those with thick, curly, or tangled hair. Is your hair damp or wet, a wide-tooth comb is the safest choice.


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