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Types Of Earring Backs – Explanation & Visual Guide

The 10 main types of earring backs are:

  1. Clip-on Earrings
  2. French Clips
  3. French Wire
  4. Jumbo Earring Backs
  5. La Pousette Backs
  6. Latch Backs
  7. Lever Backs
  8. Push Backs
  9. Saddlebacks
  10. Screw Posts

Call them what you want. Closures, clips, stoppers, clasps, or hooks. In this article, you will learn about all the different types of earring backs.

You know, that piece of metal, plastic, maybe wood, that you use to keep your earring in place. They can be made of other materials too and some popular ones are:

  • Gold Backs
  • Plastic Backs
  • Rubber Backs
  • Silver Backs
  • Stainless Steel Backs

Clip-on Earrings

These are earrings that you use if you do not have pierced ears. Clip-on earrings latch onto your ears and stay in place like a clip-on once attached.

These types of earring clips are popular with costume jewelry which can sometimes be too heavy for your ear and would stretch a pierced earlobe under other circumstances.

Earring back - clip-on style.
A single pair of clip-on earrings made of 2 round white glass/shell pearls. These earring backs are an example of the clip-on clasp closure.
Name, Luxiro White Round Glass Pearl Clip-on Earrings.

French Clips

French clips or omega backs are earring back types that you can wear with both a pierced or unpierced ear. They have a clasp that clutches your earlobe and some have adjustable screws to adjust the way it fits.

Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl Omega Clip Stud Earrings.
These earrings are simple yet elegant. They feature freshwater pearls that you can customize based on the color of your choice. An omega clasp is the type of earring clasp seen and it offers dependable security for all-day comfort.
Name, Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl Omega Clip Stud Earrings.

French Wire

The French wire, also known as fish hooks, is the typical types of backing for drop earrings. It’s a wired hook that slips through a pierced ear and hangs in place using the weight of the jewel to balance and it secure.

Kendra Scott Elle Earring. Black onyx.
These are 14K gold-plated brass earrings that use a fish hook instead of a regular earring post.
Name, Kendra Scott Elle Earring – black onyx.
Kendra Scott Elle Earring

Jumbo Earring Backs

These are plastic backs for pierced ears. They are flat, like discs, and flatten the earlobe one you attach them to your earrings. You can also get them in rubber instead of plastic. They are usually transparent and one the most comfortable earring backs.

Soft Clear Silicone Earring Backs.
Soft, clear earring backs that can fit or replace most other types of earring backs.

La Pousette Backs

The la pousette type of earring back has dents on the shaft/post. These dents help lock the earring in place and prevent it from sliding off. La pousette earring backs are great if you want to add an extra bit of security to your stud earrings. The spring locking mechanism grabs onto the specialized notched post so you don’t need to worry about losing your studs.

Latch Backs

Dangling earring backs are almost always of the latch back style. They are also a popular choice for hoop earrings. The post of these earrings fit neatly into a loop of some type.

Mondevio Sterling Silver 15mm Round Hoop Earrings.
You can get the pictured hoop earring in solid high polished, round diamond-cut, or a square diamond-cut pair. You can see the latch-back mechanism in the photo. Name, Mondevio Sterling Silver 15mm Round Hoop Earrings.

Lever Backs

Lever backs are similar to latch backs in that they have a hinged post and metal catch that cling together to keep the earrings securely attached to your ear.

Kate Spade New York Disco Pansy Leverbacks Earring.
Pictured are the Kate Spade New York Disco Pansy earrings that feature the lever back closure.

Push Backs

The push back or butterfly earring closure is the most common earring back types. Butterfly because of the shape of the stopper and push back because you simply push the earring post back into the clasp to secure it.

White Gold 1/2ct to 4ct Black Diamond Studs with push back/butterfly earring closure.
These earrings come with solid metal push back earring backings. You can see the butterfly earring closure style in the photo on the top stud. Name, 14k Yellow or White Gold 1/2ct to 4ct Black Diamond Studs.


Saddlebacks are similar to both latch back and lever back closures. There are a hinged post and metal catch that you connect to keep the earring secure.

These hoop earrings feature a highly polished finish and are secure with saddleback clasps. Name, Mondevio Sterling Silver High Polish Diamond Cut Hoop Earrings.

Screw Posts

No, it’s not a type of screw, but the mechanism for securing screw post earring back types is similar to inserting a screw. You spin the post into the closure to fasten it. Or, is it that you spin the closure onto the post? I do it both ways.

Example of the screw post earring back type.
In the image, you can see an example of the screw post earring. Name, 14k Solid Gold Round Superbright Screw-Back Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings.


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