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Types of Gloves for Women

Gloves can do more than just keep a girl’s hands warm. These are the different types of gloves for women:

Evening Gloves

Ladies evening gloves or opera gloves are arms-length formal gloves. There are three varieties: wrist, elbow, and opera or full-length. You’ll see them in movies where royalty is involved or in ballroom settings.

Woman wearing an elbow length evening gown.

Leather Gloves

Leather is always a luxury. If you have a leather fetish, a pair of black leather gloves make the perfect addition to a leather jacket and a leather hat outfit.

Woman wearing stylish black leather gloves.

Wool Gloves

Wool gloves are the warmest gloves for women, so you’re more likely to wear these gloves during the winter months.

Thick, insulated wool gloves.

Gym Gloves

For women who frequent the gym, gloves can be all the difference in your journey to fitness. Gym gloves make it easier to lift weights, protect your hands from wear and tear, and so much more.

Fingerless Gloves

If you’re always on your phone or a computer, a pair of fingerless gloves can help keep you going without sacrificing all the warmth or style. These gloves also make it easier to hold onto cups and other items.

Woman wearing a pair of fingerless gloves holds a hot tin cup of tea.

Driving Gloves

Driving gloves have more grip than your hands do. They also prevent sweat and oil from getting on the steering wheel, which may help you better control the car.

Woman wearing a pair of black driving gloves.

Christmas Mittens

Christmas gloves or Christmas mittens are those gloves that you see everywhere during the cold December month. They are usually some shade of red or sometimes a mixture of red, white, and green. So, pull out that fluffy sweater and snap on a pair of stylish Christmas gloves to ring in the holidays.

Woman wearing  red Christmas mittens.

Lace Gloves

I’ll leave these sexy lace gloves here and let you decide which occasion they are most fit for.

Woman caresses her face with black lace gloves.

Touch Screen Gloves

Touch screen gloves make it easy for you to text and use your phone without sacrificing the warmth of a glove during chilly weather.

Touchscreen gloves for women.

Fur Gloves

Fur gloves usually only have fur around the wrist area of the glove. So, a fur glove can be any type of glove with some fur thrown on for the style. Looks great with a fur coat.


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