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Types Of Hair Accessories

Wearing your hair in different styles requires different types of hair accessories to get the perfect do. Whether it be headbands or hair clips, hair accessories are an essential part of a girl’s (and guy’s) hair upkeep. You can use them to add decorations to your hair or use them to keep your hair in place (like when perming your hair). Here are the different types of hair accessories and what they’re used for.

Types of Hair Accessories
Types of Hair Accessories


There are many different types of hair clips but their purpose is the same no matter the design or the style. You use hair clips to keep your hair pulled back and in place. For example, you can use alligator clips to keep a ponytail in check and you can use a bobby pin to keep other hair accessories, like a cap, in place.

Banana Clip Hair Accessory.
Banana Clip Hair Accessory.


Barrettes work well if you have thin hair or for holding back small sections of hair. Most barrettes are usually for decorative purposes and are worn to the side of the hair.


The most popular types of hairbands I’ve seen are the cute little ones around baby’s heads. They are usually made of an elastic material that’s stretchable enough to fit most heads and there is usually a bow or other decorative piece attached to it.

prada headband hair accessories.
Prada Headbands.

Though, headbands don’t have to be equipped with a decorative piece. They can be colorful pieces of fabric some with patterns. And, there are even brand name headwraps made by Nike.


These types of hair accessories look a lot like headbands and headwraps but they are thicker and made of highly absorbent fabric. After all, they’re meant to soak up sweat.

Use sweatbands to keep sweat out of your eyes or to keep your hair out of your face while working out.

Hair Pins

Hairpins and bobby pins are a type of hair clip that’s affordable and easy to use. Since bobby pins come in an assortment of colors and are usually 2.5 inches in length they can blend in with many hair colors without issue.

Elastic Hair Ties

Elastic ties go by many names but their sole purpose is to hold your hair in place. They are made of an elastic material (of fixed length) that stretches to fit around your hair. They make better hair accessories for ponytails than using a clip. They are affordable and you can buy them in bulk in varying designs and colors.


Scrunchies are simply elastic hair ties that are covered with a material to add bulk and style to the plain elastic band. There are different sizes, colors, and designs to choose from and they can go with other hair accessories as well.


Ribbons always make for a cute and fashionable hair accessory. They come in different designs, styles, and colors which means that you can add to any style of dress.

Side Combs

Side combs are attachments that you add to your hair, normally to the back in buns/updo hairstyles. They look like miniature combs and are an easy way to add some flair to your hair without much work.


tiara is a jeweled, ornamental crown traditionally worn by women. It is worn during formal occasions, particularly if the dress code is white tie. However, these days, anyone can get a tiara and they are both beautiful and trendy.

Bun & Crown Shapers

These kinds of hair accessories are hidden under the hair and add volume and shape. They come in several sizes and colors so that it’s easy to find one that blends with your natural hair type and color.

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