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Types of Jackets for Women

These are the different types of jackets for women:

Leather Jacket

Woman wearing a black leather jacket.
Stylish black leather jackets have been a fashion trend for women for decades.

Denim Jacket

Woman wearing blue denim jacket and bue denim jeans. She sits in a white sofa as she browses the web on a white laptop.
Denim jeans and denim jackets can never go out of style.

Bomber Jacket

Woman wearing a black and red bomber jacket leans against a wall.
Why not be the bomb of the party with a chic bomber jacket?

Quilted Jacket

Woman holding up a quilted jacket in the jacket/coat section of a store.
Quilted jackets are perfect for the winter months.

Linen Jacket

Woman wearing a linen jacket sits on a battered suitcase.
For a formal or professional look, a linen jacket is best.

Barbour Jacket

Barbour Jacket
If you’ve ever been to the United Kingdom, then you will have seen one of these Barbour jackets during the fall or winter months.

Parka Jacket

Woman wearing black parka standing in a street.
Parkas extend further to cover some or all of your butt and upper legs. A parka or anorak is a type of coat with a hood, often lined with fur or faux fur.


Woman wearing a black hoodie with the word 'run' written across the front.
Hoodies can be jackets too. And, who doesn’t love a good hoodie? There are so many types of hoodies too!

Puffer Jacket

Woman wearing a puffer jacket in the snow.
Puffer jackets are what you need if you want a bit more insulation during the colder months.

Cropped Jacket

Woman wearing a cropped jacket.
Crop tops or cropped jackets? Why not both? How about wearing a vest underneat?

Spencer Jacket

Black Spencer Jacket and Red Spencer Jacket with golden embroidery side by side.
Black Spencer Jacket and Red Spencer Jacket with golden embroidery side by side.

These are the different types of coats for women:

Fur Coat

Woman wearing a brown fur coat.
Faux fur or real fur? I’ll go with faux fur for my fur coat any day.

Trench Coat

Woman wearing a red trench coat stretches out her arms and looks up to the sky with a smile on her face.
Trench coats are a must in any wardrobe because they can match with any other piece of clothing.

Evening Coat

Woman wearing a fur evening coat over a hite dress holding a bouquet of flowers in her hand.
Evening coats can be any type of jacket or coat used to stylize an outfit.


Woman wearing a pink blazer.
Blazers are popular pieces of school uniforms but nowadays you can wear stylish blazers to almost any event.


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