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Types of Leggings For Women

There are many different types of leggings—one for almost any occasion. You can wear them with t-shirts, plunging necklines, jackets, dresses, you name it. Leggings are comfy, sleek, and accentuate a woman’s curves. There are also many different legging brands from which to choose. So, there are a lot of options!

What Are The Different Types Of Leggings?

These are the main types of leggings:

Athletic Leggings

Athletic leggings are the most popular types because they are comfortable, versatile, and available in many colors. Women wear them to work out, whether at the gym or outdoors. You can also wear them while shopping, to the mall, or to hang out with friends.

Ankle Length Leggings

Ankle-length leggings go all the way down to the ankles. Usually, these legging types are common during winter paired with jackets and coats and a pair of winter boots to keep warm.

High-waisted Leggings

High-waisted leggings are more form-fitting than leggings that rest at the hips. These leggings are perfect for women with bigger or broader hips. They usually reach up to the belly-button, which makes them an excellent tummy tucker!

Knee-length Leggings

Knee-length leggings end below the knees and make for great workout tights. Wear these types of leggings in the gym, at a yoga class, or while hiking. Because they are knee-length, they offer more flexible movements while doing exercises.

Mid-calf Leggings

Mid-calf leggings reach below the knees but above the ankles.

Capri Leggings

Capri Leggings fit somewhere between your knee and mid-calf.

Streetwear Leggings

Streetwear leggings are comfortable though not used as gym leggings. Most of the time, streetwear leggings are just that, fashionable leggings that you’d wear on the go. They’re usually brand name leggings like Adidas, Nike, or Puma.

Footed Leggings

Footed Leggings cover the entire leg—toes included. These types of leggings are common when wearing high-heels or ballerina flats. You can also wear them during the winter for extra warmth.


Treggings is a type of leggings that’s a cross between trousers (pants) and leggings. They’re not as skin-fitting as leggings but not as loose as trousers. Women usually wear them to the office with a stylish jacket or blouse.


Jeggings are a cross between jeans and leggings. They are tight-fitting stretch trousers for women, styled to resemble a pair of denim jeans.

What Are Leggings?

Leggings are tight-fitting stretch trousers, worn by women or girls. They are flexible, available in a variety of colors and styles, and lengths. They are not as hard as jeans, but they look as appealing.

Leggings can be traced back to the 13th century and were first worn by men. By the early 90s, leggings took off as a fashion trend and outsold even jeans in the United States. They went out of style in the later years of the 90s and early 2000s, but by 2005, leggings became so popular again that trend continues today.

What Are Leggings Made Of?

The different types of leggings materials are:


Cotton leggings are very soft. It is also a very breathable fabric and comfortable to wear. But, over time, cotton can lose its shape, thus reducing its longevity. It’s best that cotton leggings be mixed with other materials like spandex to improve its elasticity.


Wool leggings are ideal during colder months. This material traps pockets of air, thereby retaining warmth.


Polyester leggings are water-resistant, making it a popular choice for athletic leggings fabric. But, polyester tends to keep odors, so it’s best to buy a polyester blended legging or one that has antimicrobial treatment.


Nylon leggings are durable, lightweight, and it doesn’t wrinkle easily. But, this type of leggings fabric tends to shrink when washed or dried, so pay attention to the instructions.


Leggings made with a spandex blend are stretchy, hugging the body to give a flattering fit.


Of all the leggings fabrics, a nylon-spandex blend is the best choice. This type of leggings material is durable, lightweight, and stretchy, flattering. They are as soft and cozy as cotton while also absorbent (say bye-bye to sweat).

4 Tips For Wearing Leggings

  • When wearing underwear with leggings, try to go for a soft material that’s bonded at the seams so that no lines show up while wearing leggings.
  • Always go for opaque leggings. Some leggings use thin fabric that makes them see-through. You don’t want all your underwear showing, or do you?
  • The top that you wear should cover the band of the leggings.
  • For casual wear, fo for mid-calf or ankle-length leggings.

List Of Leggings Brands


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