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Types of Necklines

With so many different types of tops and dresses, you may forget the different types of necklines! Picking out a dress or top that matches your neckline can make or break the look you’re going for. Read on to learn about the different necklines with examples and a summary of each.

What Are The Different Types Of Necklines On Dresses & Tops?

These are the main types of necklines on dresses and tops:

Straight Across Neckline

A straight-across neckline is a single, strapless cut that flows across the chest. Dressmakers can cut this neckline type wider to show off more shoulder, or lower for a more edgy look. It’s a typical neckline on gowns with straps or sleeves.

Sweetheart Neckline

A sweetheart neckline is low at the front and shaped like the top of a heart. This heart-shaped style lengthens the neck and adds balance to the silhouette. These neckline types are popular for wedding dresses.

Semi-Sweetheart Neckline

The semi-sweetheart neckline falls a bit higher up on the chest. It reveals less cleavage and is perfect if you love the sweetheart style but want to be a bit more modest.

V-Neck Neckline

A V-Neck is a neckline that has straight sides meeting at a point to form a V-shape. V-neck’s can fit on a variety of dress types.

Scoop Neckline

A scoop neckline is a round, usually low, neckline on a dress or blouse. Scoop necks, cut low enough, can reveal a lot of cleavage.

Asymmetric Neckline

An asymmetric neckline is any type of neckline that looks different on either side of the center front of the top or dress. The main difference is that one side folds down while the other fastens up.

Bateau-Boat Neckline

A boat neck, also called a bateau neck, or Sabrina neckline is a wide, horizontal neckline. It runs on both the front and back, almost to the shoulder points, across the collarbone.

Sexy Scoop Neckline

A sexy scoop neckline is a very low neckline that leaves very little to the imagination. It’s like a scoop neckline type but cut much much lower.

Spaghetti Strap Neckline

Spaghetti strap necklines have very thin shoulder straps used to support the top. For the most part, the shoulder is bare.

Jewel Neckline

A jewel neck is a plain, basic neckline. It’s a round neck that reaches above the collarbone. The name jewel neckline refers to its ability to display a piece of jewelry against the fabric.

Halterneck Strap

The halterneck strap is a style of women’s clothing that runs from the front of the garment around the back of the neck. It leaves most of the back uncovered.

Off Shoulder Neckline

An offshoulder neckline, as the name implies, is a wide-open neckline that exposes the shoulders.

High Neckline

A high neckline usually sits at the nape of the neck all the way up to the top of the neck. It’s also called a turtle neckline (a popular type of sweater neckline).

Queen Anne Neckline

The Queen Anne neckline is a cut that has a high collar in the back and a dipped neckline. It’s usually a scoop or v-neck cut in the front.

Square Neckline

A square neckline is a wide and low-cut square frame on various women’s dresses such as tops, shirts, T-shirts, crop tops, camis, wedding gowns, and more. This neckline creates the illusion of a slender neck and broader shoulders on women with short necks.

Halter Top Neckline

A halter top is a sleeveless shirt like a tank top but with the straps tied behind the neck. Other variations of the halter top only have a narrow strap behind the neck and a thin strap behind the middle of the back. The latter types are backless.

Illusion Neckline

These types of necklines feature a sheer or semi-sheer fabric. The fabric is most often tulle or lace placed along the top part of the bodice. It gives the illusion of a strapless dress but offers more coverage and support.

Grecian Neckline

The Grecian or Greek neckline features a piece of fabric which, starting at the center of the chest, opens to encircle the neck.

Cowl Neckline

Cowl necklines have draped, rounded folds around the neckline, which fall below the collarbone.

Collared Neckline

A collared neckline is the most common neckline on shirts and other tops, and you can find them almost anywhere you look. The collar is usually a separate piece of fabric, rather than a folded or a cut part of the same piece of fabric.

Crew Neckline

A crew neck (crewneck or crewneck) is a type of top (usually a shirt or sweater) that has a round neckline and no collar.

Gathered Neckline

A gathered neckline bunches around the neck with a plain band or an elasticized or a drawstring casing.

Notch Neckline

Also known as a slash or a split neckline, the notch neckline has a little V notch at the base of the collar.

Portrait Neckline

The portrait neckline is a wide, soft scoop from the tip of one shoulder to the tip of the other. It looks like an off-the-shoulder style neckline.

How To Choose A Dress For My Neckline?

Short And Wide Necks

If you have a broad or short neck, you can lengthen your neckline by choosing dresses and tops with lower necklines. Plunging necklines like the V-neck or open necklines like the scoop neck elongate your neck. But, remember that your neckline ought not to start less than 2-3 fingers below your collarbone.

Long And Thin Necks

If you have a long neck then high bulky collars will complement your neckline. Tops or dresses with ruffles, mock turtlenecks (or any of the other types of turtlenecks), or neckties are best for these types of necklines.

Broad Shoulders

If you have broad shoulders, necklines that are close to the neck are best. For example, a V-neck. The key here is to emphasize the neck and not the shoulders. Need more tips? Check out the full article below.


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