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The Different Types of Nose Rings

What Are The Different Types of Nose Rings?

These are the 9 main types of nose rings:

Twist Nose Rings

The twist is a type of nose ring secured in the nostril by twisting it in place. It provides a flush fit (no gaps). Twists are the most common nose ring types, and there are various styles available.

Nose Bone Rings

Nose bones have two sides. One decorated end with some form of jewel and another end with a small ball. The end with the small ball keeps the nose ring secured in your nose. Like twist nose studs, they have a flush fit.

Pin Nose Rings

These types of nose rings are like a nose bone but with a straight post instead. The piercer then bends the bar into an L-shape so that it stays in place. Nose pins are what you’ll start with if you need a custom fit.

L-Shape Nose Rings

L-shaped nose rings have posts bent at a 90-degree angle. It’s a popular substitute for the twist because it is easier to insert. It’s also more secure than a nose bone.

Hoop Nose Rings

Hooped nose rings tend to stand out more than regular stud nose rings. There are two types, the faux hoop (shown first below) and the captive bead ring. Both are easy to insert. You can also customize the captive bead version to your liking with different styled beads.

Seamless Ring Hoop Nose Rings

Seamless hoop nose rings go all the way around the nostril. They vary in thickness, and the thickness you choose will depend on the gauge of your nose piercing. Some people find these types of nose rings challenging to open. You have to twist them up and down in opposite directions. To put it back in place, you have to twist it. You’re not supposed to pull the ends apart (frustrates a lot of people).

Faux Hoop Nose Rings

This nose ring style looks like a hoop but is much easier to insert and offers the comfort of the L-shape type.

Fishtail Nose Ring

Fishtail nose rings are like the pin nose ring but with much longer posts. These nose ring types allow you to create a customized fit. Buy the length and style you want and take it to a piercer to get your nose measured for the custom fit.

Gemstone Nose Ring

A gemstone nose ring can be any other type of nose ring. The only difference is that there will be a gem attached to the end. The kind of gem is up to you, the buyer. It could be a diamond, ruby, your birthstone, or your favorite color.

What Is A Nose Ring?

Nose rings are hoop-like pieces of jewelry worn in the nose after a nose piercing. These days, nose rings can look like studs, bars, and other types of earrings. People wear nose rings for religious, cultural, or aesthetic reasons. These types of body piercings existed for over 4000 years

Should I Get A Nose Ring?

If you like piercings and want to try something new, then gettings a nose ring can be your next step. Nose rings are beautiful and come in all shapes and sizes. There’s something to fit your unique personality and look.

Before you get a nose ring, be sure to read about the risks involved in getting your nose pierced. Do you live in a country where employers may look down on nose piercings? Are you prone to scarring? Reflect on why you want a nose ring and weigh them against the risk of getting one. If you don’t give a **** and want one, then go right ahead! Or, wear a fake nose ring until you can get a real one.

Are Nose Rings Safe?

Nose rings are safe. But, nose piercings can be hard to heal, and there may be complications if not done the right way. To reduce risk, always get your piercings from an experienced piercer. It’s also up to you to properly care for your piercing and nose jewelry after the procedure.

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How To Choose A Nose Ring?

  • Gem Size: Choose a gem that fits your taste, work environment, and facial features.
  • Metal Type: Be sure that your skin won’t react to different types of metals. You can always opt for acrylic or plastic nose rings.
  • Post Gauge: This is the thickness of the post; the higher the number, the thinner the post. Make sure that the gauge you choose can fit your pierced nose.
  • Post Length: This is the part of the nose ring that’s going to be inside your nose. The lengths prevent the nose screw from flapping around and keep it flat in the nose.

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