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Types Of Perms – Explanation + Visual Guide

There are 8 different types of perms: 1. Body Wave Perm. 2. Spiral Perm. 3. Pin Curl Perm. 4. Spot Perm. 5. Root Perm. 6. Multi-Textured Perm. 7. Partial Perm. 8. Stack Perm. Styling your hair is as important as picking out the right pair of shoes. So, let’s go through the different types of perms for your hair type and get a visual idea of how each looks!

Woman with blow dryer. Blowdrying perm.

Body Wave Perm

This type of perm can be used for both long hair and short hair. Once you get a body wave perm, you can expect it to hold for about 3 to 5 months.

body wave is a loose curl that results in a wave pattern rather than a tight roll because the sections of hair are wrapped around larger rollers than the ones used for other types of perms. Rollers are often inserted in varying and natural patterns to create a soft and natural looking wave.

Spiral Perm

The spiral perm is one of the popular types of perms for long hair. Spiral perms leave the hair curly and can last for up to 6 months if done correctly.

Spiral perms seem to take best to hair that’s more coarsely textured, or strands that already have some natural curls or waves in them. This means a spiral perm hairstyle is a popular choice for women with hair that’s got an irregular curl pattern.

Pin Curl Perm

These kinds of perms won’t last long and are best for women who want something temporary for a special occasion. Pin curl perms are best suited for women with short to medium length hair.

Spot Perm

Spot perms are also known as partial perms or plain curl perms. Normally, you choose a section of your air that you’d like to have permed and your hairstylist will work with that instead of perming the entire head of hair.

A spot perm is one where rods are strategically placed to encourage curl in certain areas of the hair. Your hairstylist will be able to determine which would be best for your hair type and desired end result.

Root Perm

These types of perms are done at the roots of your hair. A typical rot perm targets about 2 to 4 inches of hair closest to your scalp. Its a typical tactic for adding volume to your hair.

root perm is used at the root area of the hair only. It is used to perm new growth on the hair that has been previously permed or to add extra lift at the root area. The previously permed ends are protected with products to prevent the waving lotion from penetrating the ends.

Stack Perm

stack perm is a type of permanent wave which is designed for women with hair which has been cut to a single length. When done well, a stack perm can look very natural, with soft curls forming at the ends of the client’s hair exactly as they would on someone with a natural soft curl.

Partial Perm

Unlike the spot perm, partial perms focus on the lower strands of your hair. They don’t ever extend up to the upper part which is left untouched and straight. Partial perms work well for medium to long hair.

Multi-Texture Perm

These perm types aim to reproduce the look of naturally curly hair. Multi-texture perms give the hair a fuller and thicker look. It’s most suited for long hair.


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