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Types of Sweater Patterns

Sweaters are the middle-man between formal and casual wear when it comes to style and clothing. There are many types of sweaters to choose from and you can fine-tune everything from the sweater material to the type of sweater neckline.

But, there’s another aspect that many people like to customize. The pattern. yes, there are different types of sweater patterns and here are some of the designs that you can choose from to spice up your wardrobe.

Cable Knit Sweater

Cable knit sweaters are usually thicker than other kinds of sweaters. They are called cable knit because they have cross-cable patterns on the front but can also be patterned on the back and arms.

Fair Isle Sweater

Fair isle sweaters are bright-colored sweaters with horizontal patterns. They originated in Scotland and can be used as an outer layer for a casual outfit.

Argyle Sweater

These sweater patterns go well with clothes that are simple in style or design because Argyle sweaters have several colored patterns that already draw attention. Some of the patterns can be rather extravagant.

Solid Color Sweater

Yes, a solid color is a pattern. These are perhaps the most common sweater patterns and they are more formal than other types of patterns.

Guernsey Sweater

These sweaters were distinctively patterned across the yoke with a stitch local to the wearer’s village. Two styles of guernsey exist a plain “working” guernsey and a “finer” example that was generally saved for special occasions.

Aran Sweater

The traditional Aran sweater is normally off-white in color, with cable patterns on the body and sleeves. The knit is usually wider, thicker patterns to create a more three-dimensional texture.

Sweaters are also known as jumpers and are a casual wardrobe staple for both men and women. They come in many shapes, knits, and materials. Here are some more useful resources regarding sweater patterns: