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Different Types of Turtlenecks

Mock neck, polo neck, skivvy, are all different names for turtlenecks. A type of sweater neckline defined by a high rolled collar, covering some or most of the neck. The high collar can be folded or rolled up, according to the wearer’s choice of style. Here are the different types of turtlenecks:

Classic Turtleneck

Classic turtlenecks are body-fitted with a thin, slim neckline. Their uniform look makes them suitable for wearing with tights, skirts, or jeans. The classic turtleneck even goes well under a dress during colder winter months.

Cowl Neck

Cowl neck sweaters have a droopy neckline that is chunky and big in terms of material. These types of sweaters can drape below the collarbones and add a scarf-like appearance to your outfit.

Funnel Turtleneck

Unlike classic turtlenecks, funnel turtlenecks do go all the way to the top of your neck. They are sometimes referred to as mock turtlenecks. They come in various materials. For example, merino wool, cashmere, or cotton. while others are paper-thin, such as cashmere.

Knit Turtlenecks

For colder weather, knitted turtlenecks are ideal. You can wear them as a stand-alone piece and still be warm and cozy. They come in various patterns, shapes, colors, etc.

Printed Turtleneck

Printed turtlenecks are usually animal prints such as zebra or leopard print. However, other designs like floral, nature and other themes are not uncommon.

Denim Turtleneck

Turtlenecks can also be made of denim. Denim turtlenecks are perfect for your pair of jeans. Not to mention, they are just as durable as your favorite pair of jeans.

Pullover Turtleneck Sweater

For everyday use, a pullover turtleneck sweater is ideal. These sweaters are somewhat loose and oversized. The extra fabric allows you to keep warm and comfy.

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