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15 Different Types of Vests – Explanation + Visual Guide

Whether you call them waistcoats or vests, I say they are the same thing, there are many different types of vests to choose from. Do you know them all?

Types of Vests

There’s a vest style for any event. It could be casual or formal. You just have to know which vest fits the occasion.

Sweater Vests

These styles of vests are also considered to be one of the many different types of sweaters. Sweater vests are mostly formal attire and you can wear them around the office to keep you warm when the air conditioning is a bit too cool.

Woven Vest

These types of waistcoats (see what I did there?) are usually made of wool or another knitted material. These are simple yet fashionable pieces of attire that you can wear in both casual and formal settings.

Vest Jacket

These types of vests usually have a zipper or buttons to the front that you use to open or close the vest. Normally, you see people who are actively using these vest styles. For example, a jogger, hiker, etc.

All you need is a nice pair of sweatpants and you’re set to go. However, some of these vest styles are chic enough to be worn in formal settings.

Puffer Vests

Puffer vests are so named because of their puffy/bloated appearance. They are best for cold temperatures like during the winter. This is because the material used to design these vests trap heat inside and works as an insulator.

Denim Vests

These vest styles are a great choice if you like wearing any type of jeans. Denim vests don’t really blend well with other types of pants. Some even double as a type of hoodie.

Gym Vest

These kinds of vests are your typical everyday vests. Gym vests come in a variety of colors, materials, and designs (though they are all sleeveless).

Suit Vests

These are the types of vests that you’d find at weddings, business meetings, and the sort. Suit vests are stylish and add a bit of sophistication to your usual look.

Fur Vests

These vest types as the name suggests are made of fur. It can be faux fur or authentic fur. Fur vests are stylish and are usually reserved for posh occasions.

Fleece Vests

These kinds of vests are a good alternative to puffer vests. Fleece vests are able to keep you warm and match with most outfits because they come in several designs and colors.

Tuxedo Vests

Tuxedo vests are the types of vests that you’d wear under a jacket or on top of a button-down shirt. These vest styles are usually reserved for formal occasions.

Gilet Vests

gilet is a sleeveless jacket resembling a waistcoat or blouse. It may be waist- to knee-length and is typically straight-sided rather than fitted. Gilet vests are usually worn as outwear and are a good choice for keeping warm during cold weather. Some even have pockets.

Biker Vests

Biker vests are almost always leather vests. You’ve probably seen them on a biker or a cowboy at some point in time.

Quilted Vests

These types of vests tend to look similar to puffer vests. This is because quilted vests provide insulation. However, there are super breathable, lightweight and water-resistant. Quilted vests are regularly made using synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester.

Tweed Vests

Tweed vests are similar to the suit vest. These kinds of vest originated in Britain where it was ordinarily used for hunting or horseback riding. These days there are some exceptionally fashionable pieces.

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